Saturday, 5 July 2014

Coloured Pencils

The most recent drawing, which I am currently working on, is a drawing using coloured pencils.

I've tried using coloured pencils before, but could never quite figure them out. I am, however, really pleased with how this one is turning out!

The pencils, which I am using, are my Derwent Artists Pencils (I have a set of 72) and my Derwent Studio Pencils (I have a set of 24).

The Artists Pencils are designed for more general colouring, while the Studio Pencils are designed to focus more on the details. I am using the Artists pencils a lot more than the Studio pencils, due to the fact that my set has a much broader colour range than my set of Studio pencils.

I'm surprised at how well I am going with this, considering it's the first time a drawing with coloured pencils is turning out well, for me.

Ah well, I will upload the finished product as soon as I complete it!

Ta-ta for now!

Do you draw using coloured pencils?

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