Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Paper Sizes, and Erasers!

This evening I decided I might begin drawing a picture of a narrow street. I've acquired the stock image, which I am using for a reference, here.

I'm using my graphite pencils for this drawing.

I began by drawing a lineart in my A4 Sketch Book. I sat there, looking at this lineart, and I realised something.

The paper isn't big enough.

I wanted to draw a picture on a much larger piece of paper. I pulled out my A3 book, and began to draw in that, instead. Ah, that's better. I will be able to acquire a much higher level of detail in my A3 book.

I've made a decision: A4 paper, for me, will be wonderful for drawing sketches, and that's the book I can carry around for if I ever see inspiration. But my A3 book will be overall better for detailed drawings.

Also, this week I have ordered a couple new pieces of art equipment:

Staedtler 528 50BKDA Mars Eraser Plastic Holder

Staedtler Mars Rasor Eraser Pencil with brush

Both are, in fact, erasers. And both are used to erase fine details, with the Mars Rasor Eraser Pencil being able to erase even finer details. These will hopefully give me the ability to bring out highlights easier.

I'm looking forward to receiving them, and testing them out!

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